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Our scholarships have been awarded to 90 dancers. Meet our scholarship holders who have completed their individual career plans.

fot. Ewa Krasucka

Dance pedagogue, fitness instructor, leisure time animator. Dancer. Graduate of the National Ballet High School in Łódź. She began her career at Grand Theatre in Łódź and continued at the Łódź Music Theatre. Her stage career lasted for 18 years and as a soloist, she danced the main parts in the Gypsy Baron and the Flittermouse. She went on a tour to Germany, Austria, Belgium and Scandinavia.

Currently, as a dance pedagogue, I teach at the National Ballet High School in Łódź, where I am also a form teacher. I also have a lot of experience in working with adults and seniors, among whom I have promoted the so-called “50+” gymnastics. I also have practical experience in conducting classes for children and teenagers in cultural centres, where I was leading numerous dance groups. I appreciate each of these different occupations of mine. The very fact that they are different from each other, allowed me to develop different competencies and assets.  

The first thoughts of career transition came when the Łódź Music Theatre was undergoing reconstruction works. At that time, I decided to move from the dance field to administrative and office one. I thought I liked office work and that I would be happy with it. But it was not a good decision. This work was not good for me, I just felt bad about it and I did not know how to tackle this situation.

Then, within the framework of the Career Transition Programme for Dancers, I met with the career counsellor. I remember, how the counsellor spoke in a soft and pleasant voice, asking me simple questions that allowed me to look deeper into myself. I felt as if a good Angel was standing behind my back, saying – “You can do other things in your life, you can do the things you like”. I realized that it was never too late. I was very glad that a Career Transition Programme for Dancers exists and that I was given a chance to meet a competent person able to guide me through the transition process. It all made me feel valuable and needed again.

Obtaining the Career Transition Programme scholarship enabled me to complete my qualifications.
I could close one chapter of my life quietly and open a new one. My career transition began with dance pedagogy studies. I was also looking for additional courses to broaden my skills and abilities related to bodywork, so I went to fitness, pilates and healthy spine classes. This allowed me to enter my profession step by step. This gradual process also allowed me to notice the wide range of competences and skills that I have at hands. And when I finally began leading different groups, I already knew that this was my way.

When I was studying at the university, the Ballet School offered me to be a teacher there but I chose the stage career. However, I remembered that already as a child I used to dream of being a teacher. Many years ago somebody told me that I had something of a teacher in me. Dreams can come true, and mine did so thanks to the help of the career counsellor and the Headmistress of the Ballet School in Łódź, who recognized my potential, trusted me and offered to cooperate. Now I know that I also owe this change to myself, my perseverance, courage and diligence. I do the things I like and that are my passion. It is as if a new wind is blowing in my life now. And just a few years ago I thought that nothing else would happen in my life...

I have experienced a beneficial change. This change, this programme, has allowed me to develop myself intellectually and physically. I think of myself differently. I have discovered a lot of potential within myself and my mind has opened up. I am more self-confident, I am more courageous and fulfil my dreams. I am also more open to people, to relationships, I have learned to listen to people. I used to think that the only right person, is me. Now I am more humble. I have managed to spread my wings and I hope I will keep soaring high for a long time. I have plans that I want to accomplish...

I should also mention that my children were a great support in the whole career transition process. It  matters to me to hear that they are proud of me and that they see me as a role model.

Of course, my farewell to the stage was difficult. Sometimes I look at my photos from the past and feel nostalgic. But I know that a professional dancer cannot stay onstage forever, this profession has its time – short and beautiful. I’m glad to have been engaged with such an interesting profession.

And if I were to send a message to other professional dancers I would say – “Do not to be afraid to realize your dreams! Even if things don’t work out the way you want them to work out, they can always open new doors for you. Don’t forget that a single person you meet on your way can completely change your perspective. Keep your motivation high and always work hard, since nothing comes easily. You have to invest a lot of work and effort. But the more effort you put, the greater the satisfaction.”

For those who are at the beginning of their career as a dancer, I would say – “Look for another career path besides dancing right away. Nowadays, openness, multi-professionalism, as well as the ability to learn and broaden one’s skills, are important. This also applies to us, dancers.”

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Scholarship recipients

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