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Our scholarships have been awarded to 90 dancers. Meet our scholarship holders who have completed their individual career plans.

fot. Ewa Krasucka

A dancer and a pilot. Robert Rzeźniczak has for many years danced as a soloist in the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze”. He has worked with the Ensemble for more than a decade, dancing his first concert in August 2003, in the Royal Łazienki in Warsaw. He is a real enthusiast of dance and flying.

I have always done the things I love. I have always loved dancing and it will stay that way, for sure. To resign from one’s life’s passion is difficult at first, but when you immediately enter another one, then the path of transition becomes clear. Still, it does not mean that this process is simple.

I began thinking about starting a new career already in 2008. At that time I took up a temporary job that was not dancing – i.e., I started working for an airline company, in order to explore the very fresh idea of developing myself in a new field, other than dance. I have always liked travelling and driving different vehicles. When I suddenly got the opportunity to find out more about the work of a pilot, it turned out that the very idea of me flying an aeroplane as a pilot and all the activities related to this work, resonate with me strongly.

More concrete and systematic steps related to career transition were taken by me in 2013. At that time I began the implementation of the right in order to obtain professional qualifications and licenses of a professional pilot. I have done job market research, took necessary courses and educated myself, by navigating within my financial possibilities and dividing my time between these career endeavours and my, then current, work as a dancer.

The Career Transition Program for Dancers carried out by the Institute of Music and Dance made it possible for me to intensify my education and bring it to an end. I have passed the final exams and received qualifications necessary for the next stage of training, necessary to complete the career transition.

My family and the joy of thinking about a new career – these were motivating me to fulfil the transition process.

When I began the process of transition, I felt passion blossoming inside me – a powerful desire for further development in the new field. I remember very well all the things that followed the moment when I obtained my first aeroplane license: the preparation and implementation of the first flight pass, the process of building relationships with the community of pilots and adepts of flying. I was gaining practical skills and getting to know a new professional environment that fascinated me. At the same time, I had to make sure that this truly is my new path, and that I want to continue on it in the future.

Throughout the whole process of transition, it was crucial for me that I was being continuously supported by my family, especially by my wife and parents. They helped me believe that I would achieve my goal as long as I worked hard enough with self-determination. Together with my family, I decided that it is best for me to invest in my personal development. Being a soloist in “Mazowsze” has always been and will always be very important for me. But this is not the end of my work career. Apart from my relatives, I have also received huge support from the people who helped me understand the specifics of the profession by sharing their knowledge and passion. Furthermore, I should also mention the support I received from the work coach I was able to consult after I had entered the Career Transition Program for Dancers.

If I were to meet other dancers, who consider entering the career transition process, I would say: “do not be afraid, build self-confidence through action, be aware that you are able to do many things and it is important to devote yourself to new paths and to look for a new work career that truly fascinates you”. Each of us, dancers, is different. And we all, at a different point in life, come to the conclusion that we should open ourselves to new paths of development, other than dance. To resign from one’s life’s passion is difficult. But you can always change one passion to another, thus investing in the development of the multiple skills you possess.

I would like to thank all the people who accompanied me on my journey. To all the dancers,

I wish to say: “I wish you good luck!”.

Radosław Lak

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Eduard Bablidze

Scholarship recipients

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