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Our scholarships have been awarded to 90 dancers. Meet our scholarship holders who have completed their individual career plans.

fot. Ewa Krasucka

Massage therapist, dancer. Began his dance career in 1984 in the ballet company of the Grand Theatre Łódź and already in the second year of his work he danced the main role of Judas, in the Trial choreographed by Antal Fador. In 1989 he was promoted to the status of the Grand Theatre Łódź soloist. Soon after that, he began receiving invitations to dance in the Teatr Wielki Polish National Opera, where he finally moved.

It took me a long time not to think about career transition. Today, however, I have a solid background in the field of massage therapy. I passed the state exam in this field and slowly, at my own pace, I begin working in my new profession. I continuously analyse the job market, gain private customers, I am also open to taking up a permanent job as a full-time or a part-time massage therapist.

I have discovered that I have a talent for a new job. Already while studying massage therapy, I have noticed that my dance experience and movement knowledge give me an advantage over other students. It was interesting for me to gain medical knowledge in a series of training courses and to realise how much I already know from my work as a dancer. Also, during the hospital internship, I noticed that I had much more ease than others in encouraging patients to move and touching them. These actions remained a great barrier for others. I remember tremendous satisfaction coming over me when I received the graduation diploma and read the description of what I could do.

The hardest part was making the actual career change decision. The Institute of Music and Dance helped me to make up my mind. The very fact of having access to the program inspired me to take action, then, my transition process was also encouraged by a series of meetings with the work coach. I realised that this program is an opportunity for me personally and the fact that the program is aimed at dancers, made me feel very special.

The whole transition process was also very strongly supported by my family and friends, who simply wished me well. It was extremely important, especially when at the very beginning it was difficult for me to see any sense in the career transition.

For me, understanding myself anew was the most difficult part of the process. The moment I finished my career as a dancer, I had no idea who I am. Today I see, that change that took place, brought me into living my life to the full again. I am around people, I go to the gym and work out. And I am very happy to be consciously doing body-work, being more than 50 years old.

If I were to send my message to dancers considering career transition, I would say: “Use this chance to the full! Notice that, apart from dancing, there are also other professions and we – dancers – have a great talent for them because we have previously worked in dancing – the most extraordinary profession ever”. I would also say to them: “Your age doesn’t matter, just use the opportunity that you are given. The Career Transition Program for Dancers carried out by the Institute of Music and Dance is a fabulous offer dedicated to us – dancers”.

Of course, each of us is different and has a different path, a different life. In my opinion, it is important to listen to your heart and intuition. It’s important to trust yourself and focus on the things that make you happy. Devote your life to what you love. And take action.

Warsaw 2018

Eduard Bablidze

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Radosław Lak

Scholarship recipients

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