fot. Ewa Krasucka

Monika Kaszewska


A dancer, pedagogue and choreographer. She completed the Roman Turczynowicz Ballet School in Warsaw and graduated in ballet pedagogy from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. She also completed postgraduate studies in culture management at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw. Monika Kaszewska responds to queries and coordinates dancers’ meetings with the programme councillors and psychologist.


Anna Čemeljić 

scholarship application coordinator

A cultural anthropologist with a knack for traditional dances. A long-standing project coordinator and accountant, she extends a helping hand to those struggling to fill out scholarship programme application forms, in particular with regard to their financial aspects.


Dobrosława Choryńska-Chudy

career councillor

A career councillor and professional activation and labour market coach; she lends her support to those seeking professional development and transition, and advises on educational decisions. She also counsels on and analyzes professional predispositions and potential to run independent businesses. A licensed coach with the “Spadochron” [Parachute] programme intended for individuals choosing their careers, seeking a job or contemplating professional transition. Dobrosława Choryńska-Chudy has accumulated over 10-years worth of experience as a personal councillor in HR, advising on career development paths, recruitment, and serving as a member of assessment and development centres. In her spare time she is an avid social dancer and an Argentine tango enthusiast.


Ewa Warchoł

career councillor

A career councillor, coach, trainer, certified diagnostic tools consultant (MBTI, Success Insight, Kompas Kariery), and a trainer in the international “Parachute” programme which facilitates career transition and professional activation. She teaches career counselling courses at colleges in Warsaw and Gdańsk. An expert on the practical and theoretical aspects of the job market mechanisms, she has a 20-year experience in working for various sectors as a recruiter and expert on career development. She has implemented a number of complex outplacement programmes in collaborations with the leaders in the field. Since 2008, she has focused on working with those contemplating career transition and pondering educational and career change. A music lover, she is also into early dance.




Marta Michalak

dance project manager, Institute of Music and Dance

Since the establishment of the Institute, Marta has been actively engaged in developing a dancers’ career transition programme, which she has co-created. She also helped to assemble the team of career transition councillors whose work she was coordinating  between 2015 - 2018.




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